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MELAN BLUE ([personal profile] ninmu) wrote2015-11-28 12:37 pm

information + permissions

NAME: Melan Blue
SEX: Male
SPECIES: Monomakia
AGE: Technically, 100+, but most of that time was spent in his ampoule. His physical age is equivalent to a human 17-year-old's.
HEIGHT: 6'11"
VOICE: yakusoku da


hugging: go for it... he probably won't return it because his arms are weapons but
flirting: go for it but he'll have no idea what you're doing guaranteed.
kissing/shipping: Melan doesn't know what kissing is and is already taken...! But OOCly I don't mind shipping and stuff at all.
sexual material: I don't mind if it comes up, but I won't be playing anything smutty with Melan.
injuring/killing: Totally fine!
telepathic characters: ALSO TOTALLY FINE. He's 50% robot and his thoughts aren't very interesting.
fourth-walling: this will never happen
offensive subjects: I'm impossible to offend, so anything is fine! Melan doesn't have anything, either. As for the other end, Melan has a romantic relationship with a 13-year-old girl. Although they're both mentally in the same age range, and their relationship is very innocent, I can understand if it makes people uncomfortable due to their appearances - just shoot me a PM if you'd like to avoid that coming up, or avoid tagging Melan entirely. No offense taken!


o He can adjust his body temperature at will.

o Since he has no hands, he uses four tentacle-like structures on his chest to manipulate items.

o He can recover from most life-threatening injuries if given time to rest. Basically, if you want to kill him, you need to oneshot him.

o Though inorganic, the armor on Melan's body is a part of him, and regrows if damaged - he compares it to a human's fingernails or hair.

o He can walk on his feet, but he's much more comfortable in the air.

o He can eat 50 bowls of rice in one sitting.

o His blood is purple.

o He wears his mask in combat situations in order to protect his face.